Vision to Learn is a non-profit organization that visits schools in low-income communities and provides eye exams and glasses free of charge. They have a fleet of mobile eye clinics where they do on-site visits and work with kids at their school. Vision to Learn's scalability was limited due to its system's dependence on paper so we built a screening application that allows VTL employees to digitally record screening data, filter through data, and export data to their internal CRM systems.


Medmind is a drug management application for cancer patients.It uses computer vision to automatically read in drug information. It provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface and allows patients to manage their drugs and track and compare their side effects with other cancer patients.


Climate Cents wants to act as a centralized platform for environmental nonprofits and their donation campaigns. They operate on the belief that the donation process should not only be fun, but also heavily correlated with impact. Code The Change built a three-part software solution for Climate Cents, with the most visible piece being a mobile application similar to Kickstarter, but for environmental campaigns. In addition to donating to these campaigns, donors can join teams, follow friends, and see campaign updates from the nonprofits they've donated to. We also built a web admin dashboard for nonprofits to manage their campaign, and a separate portal for Climate Cents administrators to monitor all activity.



Green Dot Public Schools is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help transform public education so ALL students graduate prepared for college, leadership, and life. We developed an app for Green Dot alumni to help graduates continue to receive support from Green Dot administrators throughout their college education. This app provided a college roadmap, reminding students of important upcoming deadlines, and ways to connect with other Green Dot alumni at their university.


CTC worked with Cancerbase to build a cancer data timeline app that compiles data inputted from two other apps within the Cancerbase family (Medmind - tracks the dosages and amounts of medication taken and Infusions - tracks chemotherapy data) and displays it chronologically. This app allows cancer patients to track and keep a record of their data.


CTC worked with the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office to improve the LA Mayor’s Dashboard, a tool that allows the citizens of LA to view important statistics regarding their public welfare. CTC helped automate the data pipeline that feeds the LA Mayor’s Dashboard, allowing the dashboard to be updated without human intervention, and added a UI to permit administrators to edit any statistic within the dashboard, as opposed to going through Google Sheets.



Chrysalis is a nonprofit organization that helps empower indviduals in extreme poverty or without homes by training them and helping them find job opportunities. We developed an automated framework that feeds the availability data directly to an employee portal that helps match the individuals to jobs. This employee portal digitized client information and helped increase the efficiency of the workflow so Chrysalis can help even more clients pave a way to a better future.


CHJ is an organization that assists people who are just getting out of prison get readjusted back into daily life. In order to support this mission, Code the Change built a text messaging bot that would text the person as they were getting out of prison and guide them to the nearest resource shelters (food, housing, etc) based on their responses. The bot also had a web application where the organization could monitor and edit the script.



Good Shepherd is a domestic violence shelter in los angeles that provides a safe envrionment for mothers and childrens who have faced abuse. Particularly enlightened by this mission, Code the Change helped build the organization a software tool that would help track and centralize data on shelter availability and make it accessible to survivors in need. In doing so, Code the Change helps to streamline the nonprofit's processes allowing the organization to serve more people in need.