Code the Change

Students Building for
social impact

A community of technologists at USC creating products for nonprofits.

Our Purpose.

To promote social good by creating custom, sustainable software for nonprofit organizations.

Volunteering event at The Ron Finley Project

Every year, we partner with three 501(c)(3) orginizations within the Los Angeles area. Many nonprofits are bound in their reach and scope of technology, so we're here to help free of charge so they can execute their mission to its fullest extent.

To accomplish this, CTC is structured into teams comprised of a project manager, technical lead, developers, and designers. The executive board manages recruitment, events, and fun.

Gladeo team working on project together
Alumni Selfie of Org

We're committed to our impact, but we go beyond work — Code the Change is a lifelong family. During our annual alumni nights, even members from our founding year come back. We support each other beyond just our projects.

Our Values.



Do you care about creating a positive impact in your communities? How do you create impact through projects, volunteering, or advocacy?



How do you collaborate with others? We value diverse, new opinions and extend this respect beyond just our projects.



Do you exhibit a desire for continuous growth? Onboarding, mentorship, and learning from others are important aspects of our organization.



Are you self-motivated to call out injustices and tackle compex issues? Our problem-solving requires active, passionate thinkers.